Getster Ordering System Award-Winning Team...


Here at Getster, we pride ourselves on our team we have available 24/7. We truly believe in consistency and being able to contact your provider at no matter what time! This is why there is always someone available 24 hours 7 days a week! 


Here is just some of the members of our team who are here to advise and help you on being online with us...


Owner & Founder - Brad-lee Navruz

Past Work: Server, Fryer & Delivery Driver - The Nippy Chippy, Stonehouse

Product Support Specialist - 1&1 Ionos - Gloucester

Education - Maidenhill School, SGS College & Open University

Hobbies - Football (Liverpool), Coding & Programming and Avid Cat Lover.


Assistant Developer - Thomas Perrier

Past Work: Head of Development, Newsagent Worker

Education - Grammar School, College & University

Hobbies - Gaming (Call of Duty, Halo), Coding & Programmer and Avid Dog Lover.


Project Manager & Sales - Laura

Past Work: Head of Sales, Retentions Specialist

Education - High School, College & University

Hobbies - Socialising, Reading & Massive Animal Person.